June 16 - 18, 2020 | Toronto Congress Centre (South Building)

Warning – Important Information for Exhibitors

FABTECH warns all exhibitors of the many businesses improperly soliciting exhibitors, and implying that they are associated with the show. We have been made aware that some are offering services such as:

“Show Guide” or “Show Directory”
The FABTECH Canada Show Directory is the official show guide produced and distributed by FABTECH. This publication is the only FABTECH publication that is put directly into the attendee’s hands through a number of channels including distribution on-site at the convention center, outside designated FABTECH Canada hotels and at bus pick up/drop off points during show days.

Please be aware that there are other daily newspapers that appear to be trying to capitalize on the success of FABTECH Canada by soliciting FABTECH Canada exhibitors and alluding to a connection to the show.

Please be aware of their aggressive sales tactics and deep discount pricing. Check the fine print and know what you’re signing. We’ve heard they also try to tie you to 2 year deals. If the offer seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Show Guide “Free Listing”
FABTECH Canada is not associated with any outside organization to provide exhibitor listings online or in print. FABTECH only produces the Official Show Directory and online listing at fabtechcanada.com, both are complimentary to FABTECH Canada exhibitors. Any additional upgrade to an exhibitor listing can only be purchased through FABTECH show management.

FABTECH Canada Attendee Email /Mail Lists
FABTECH Canada does not sell or rent exhibitor or attendee information to outside companies.

Hotel Reservations
onPeak is the official housing provider for FABTECH Canada. onPeak works to provide the best room rates and convenient hotels in the room block for FABTECH Canada. Shuttle bus service to and from the convention center is complimentary to those staying in the FABTECH Canada hotel block. While other hotel resellers may contact you offering housing, they are not endorsed or affiliated with FABTECH Canada in any way.

Exhibitors and event marketers should be aware of these kinds of improper solicitations and should take note of the practice as well as refrain from acknowledging opportunities that are not directly associated with FABTECH Canada, unless the offer is legitimate. If you receive any solicitation resembling those referenced above, we strongly advise you to read the fine print on the listing form carefully before committing yourself to purchasing services.

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