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Richard Campbell is a Bechtel Fellow and Welding Technical Specialist with Bechtel Corporation, the largest privately owned engineering and construction company in the world, with over 50,000 employees. Instrumental in assisting the company’s welding program to receive the AWS/WEMCO Excellence in Welding Award for the Large Business Category in 2015, Dr. Campbell provides technical direction to the company and its’ executives in areas related to welding and metallurgy.

After earning a BS degree in Welding and Mechanical Engineering from LeTourneau University in 1978 and a PhD in Materials Engineering from RPI in 1987, he has worked for nearly 40 years in the welding industry. He is an AWS SCWI and CWE, an ASNT Level III Visual Testing Inspector, a Level 2 Certified Welding Inspector with the Canadian Welding Bureau, and holds a PE license in Metallurgical Engineering. He is a member of several AWS D1 Structural Welding Code committees including the AWS D1 Main Committee, D1 Executive Committee, and is Chair of the D1K Stainless Steel Subcommittee. Rich is also an officer or member of several ASME B31 and B31.3 subcommittees, the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard committee and numerous subcommittees, including chairing the Materials Joining Subcommittee for six years, the AWS D18 Welding in Sanitary Applications committee, and is Chair of the AWS C5C Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Subcommittee and member of the C5 Arc Welding Committee.

Rich has taught the 44 hour AWS CWI classes for over 20 years, including twice a year in Denver. Dr. Campbell has been instrumental in writing and updating the CWI training and examination program through the years, including the new 2-day training for the revised practical examination which began in 2016. He also presents a 2-day seminar on Welding of Stainless Steels at the annual FABTECH Show plus a 1-day Welding Symbols seminar. Dr. Campbell is author of more than 20 articles, and as a recognized expert in stainless steel welding, he authored AWS’s book The Professional’s Advisor on Welding of Stainless Steels.

After starting his career with Westinghouse Bettis Atomic Power Lab for the naval reactors program, he worked as a welding engineer at the Rocky Flats Plant west of Denver for 9 years, including 2 years at the AWS Precision Joining Center in Wheatridge. He owned his own welding shop and welding consulting business before joining Bechtel in 2006.

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