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Discover an innovative Visual Work Instruction Software

Visual Knowledge Share is a company based in the Montreal region that offers a work instruction software solution for manufacturers designed to improve their productivity, quality, and profitability. This product is intuitive and easy to use by allowing users to create digital work instructions with various visual elements and share them across their manufacturing facility in order to standardize the company’s best practices. While the work instructions are being used by operators on the shop-floor, managers have the ability to view productivity and progress in real time through reports and interactive KPIs. With the digital era arriving, companies need to look towards the future and adopt new solutions and ideas if they want to stay effective and remain competitive.

Their mission is to provide manufacturers with a software solution that can reduce their defect rate and increase productivity and efficiency by sharing knowledge across their organization.

One of the advantages to using VKS’ solution is the transition from printed to digital instructions. With this solution, documentation is digital for faster updating, better understanding, and ease of use. Digital instructions can be created with more features like videos and audio recordings. With digital procedures, it becomes easier for managers to track progress, communicate with their team, and have full visibility of in-process information. Standardizing best practices with a digital work instruction software increases productivity, reduces defects, keeps knowledge in-house, and provides traceability.

Three types of documentation that are crucial in a manufacturing setting are processes, procedures, and work instructions. Processes are used to describe the big picture, they usually span over a longer period of time and will require multiple procedures and work instructions to be completed. Procedures are more detailed than processes, they usually specify what the task is, who does it, and when they do it. The last type of documentation is work instructions, these are the most detailed of the three documents and have the most direct impact. These types of documents describe how to do each task, usually in a step by step order.

Creating instructions can sometimes be a daunting task. VKS recommends the following five steps to help simplify the process of writing efficient work instructions. The first step is to define the process. It’s important to understand the process and the best way of completing the task, it’s also important to understand the audience to tailor the instructions for them. The second step is to determine what should be measured, this could be productivity, quality, or both as an example. The third step is to analyze the effectiveness of the instructions. It’s a good idea to discuss with the operators to make sure the steps are clear and concise. The fourth step is to start developing the work instruction and consult the operators and quality engineers to ensure the work instruction is clear and intuitive. The final step is to control and sustain the work instruction, evaluate if the documented process works, and make changes if necessary.

Due to the fact that some companies are at different stages within their adoption of new technologies, Visual Knowledge Share offers three different packages of the software, Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. VKS Lite is designed for users who are looking to create and share digital work instructions to standardize their best operating procedures. VKS Pro is the most common package containing all the same guidebook creation features from Lite, but with with the addition of data capture and report generation. Pro offers the capability to monitor productivity, create quality checklists, manage work orders, and view KPIs. The final package available is Enterprise. VKS Enterprise has all the features of Lite and Pro along with IoT capabilities. With this package, the software can be connected with an ERP, MES, LMS, or QMS through APIs. Some of the features include: API connectivity, API customized reporting, easy authentication (with active directory and SSO), and global control (centralized management). Another feature that is an addon to the Pro and Enterprise packages is VKS Toolconnect. This feature connects your tools and machinery to VKS to automatically advance to the next steps as well as capture data such as torque values from an intelligent fastening system.

VKS is excited to exhibit at FABTECH Canada this year. The trade show provides professionals in the manufacturing industry with a great opportunity to discover new solutions for metal forming, fabricating, finishing, and welding. Along with the exhibitors offering their newest products and services,  FABTECH hosts an educational program; individuals can attend managerial, economic, technical, and operational sessions.

If you have any questions for Visual Knowledge Share, please stop by their booth #1026, or contact them here or by phone on 1-855-201-4656. One of their sales representatives would be happy to provide a live demonstration of their innovative software solution.


Visual Knowledge Share: https://goo.gl/7TVwk5

VKS Lite:https://goo.gl/6p52zQ

VKS Pro: https://goo.gl/trAieW

VKS Enterprise: https://goo.gl/zfQ9kZ

VKS is excited to exhibit at Fabtech Canada: https://goo.gl/o5SdQ4

VKS Toolconnect: https://goo.gl/4SscVc

Contact them here: https://goo.gl/NRRZzV


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