June 12-14, 2018 | Toronto Congress Centre

Innovation and Team Building Strategies ½ Day Workshop

2016 Workshop

Cullen L. Hackler, Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc.

Innovation is a real, timely issue for your business; it’s critical to thriving in today’s ever-changing global business environment. McKinsey, among others, has written numerous articles on why companies fail to innovate. We form teams to tackle issues and expect innovation to magically happen. Companies try this for two reasons. First, we realize that our people are our greatest resource and their collaboration should lead to progress – i.e. two heads are better than one. Second, our hope is that innovation will flow from a diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences – i.e. synergy. We trust that this blend of team expertise will lead to original ideas and solutions that can be profitably implemented into our businesses. But success does not just happen; in fact, teams fail more often than they succeed. Leadership has to ensure success happens by creating the right teams working in the right atmosphere.

Thus, team leadership and structure are not easy. During this seminar we will explore strategies for team building to help businesses find innovative solutions to the issues they face. Populating teams with the right people and skill sets is important; effectively leading them to achieve is vital. We will consider several ways team leaders can manage cross-functional, intra-departmental and even multi-cultural team situations to realize meaningful business results.

Participants can expect to be challenged in how they think about innovation and teams. We will include a couple of activities in this session to reinforce some of the key team dynamics that lead to winning outcomes. Join us for this seminar and take home some fresh ideas and new tools to help lead your teams to achieving more goals more often.

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