June 12-14, 2018 | Toronto Congress Centre

Forming & Fabricating


2016 Sessions


Session F22: Optimizing Production on Your Punching Machine

  • Optimizing Production on your Punching Machine, Marc Duchesneau, TRUMPF
    • One of the challenges that modern manufacturers face is how to meet their ever increasing production demands while ensuring they reach the maximum potential of their equipment. The ultimate goal is to produce the most parts per day. Learn how these modern fabricating machines can accomplish such tasks thanks to advances in drive technology, machine capabilities and control software.


  • Designing, Modeling, and Programming for Success in Precision Metal Fabrication, Glen Shuldes, Wilson Tool International, Inc.
    • This session will focus on how the design, modeling, and programming of sheet metal parts and assemblies can have a large impact on the precision metal fabricator’s ability to efficiently fabricate individual parts and assemblies.  We’ll discuss several common design changes that can reduce costs and improve the quality of many fabricated parts and assemblies by allowing the utilization of more advanced tooling and machinery.  We’ll also examine how solid modeling practices often cause problems for metal fabricators by ignoring many of the fundamental mechanical properties of sheet metal.  CNC programming practices will also be discussed with a focus on how the program can help ensure the production of high quality parts.


Session F32: Bending Optimization Solutions

  • Bending vs. Folding: Finding the right technology for your application, Marcel Fink, TRUMPF
    • Choosing the right technology for forming a part can be tricky. There are press brakes and panel bender technologies in the forming world, but which is better suited for your application? In this presentation, learn what makes a good press brake part and which lends itself better to a panel bender.


  • Automating the Bending Process, Scott Ottens, Amada America
    • Learn how to incorporate different levels (programming, tool changing, part handling, etc.) of bending automation into your current fabrication process. This presentation will include case studies and a cost justification process to help determine what level of automation is right for your company.


  • Understanding Modern Press Brakes, Paul LeTang, Bystronic
    • This presentation will cover the recent evolution of ram drive systems, back gauge drive systems and crowning drive systems. In addition, tips on reducing setup times to increase capacity, availability, and maintain pace with high-speed bending will be shared.


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