June 12-14, 2018 | Toronto Congress Centre

Additive Manufacturing

2016 Sessions

Session F13: Additive Manufacturing Overview for Fabricators

Additive Manufacturing is experiencing change and growth, but how can this innovation help improve your business? Business leaders in the Additive Manufacturing industry will discuss where we are in this technology and where it is going. What are the new challenges? How should a company invest in the technology? How does this new type of manufacturing change the way that we do business?

  • Overview of the Main Additive Manufacturing Process Families, Vesna Cota, Additive Manufacturing Design & Development Specialist, Tyco Electronics Canada
  • Additive Manufacturing is… Multi-Pass Micro-Welding! Mathieu Brochu, McGill University, Montréal
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing of Metals Mark Kirby, Renishaw

Session F23: Additive Applications for Fabricators

  • Manufacturing and Utilization of Additive Manufacturing Parts Produced Using Powder Bed TechnologyPeter Adams, President, Burloak Technologies Inc.
  • Manufacturing and utilization of Additive Manufacturing Parts Produced Using Direct Energy Deposition – Industry Case Studies, Robert Tollett, Liburdi Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing for the Tooling Industry, Ehsan Toyserkani, University of Waterloo
    • This talk addresses challenges, trends and opportunities related to the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) processes to the tooling industry. Laser-based AM processes offer tremendous enhancements and opportunities to improve the tooling industry and accelerate its annual growth. The ability to determine and specify the required strength and resistance of a tool provides great on-site advantages to a number of sectors. This capacity results in a reduction of downtime and a significant cost savings. Realistically, advancing the process in material productivity, AM will naturally engender new design processes and the evolution of new paradigms. Conventional design constraints (prevalent using traditional milling, molding or forging processes) would no longer exist with the proper deployment of AM processes to the manufacture of such tools. As an authentic form of recycling in the tooling industry, adapting AM technologies in remanufacturing serves to repair or replace parts, thereby conserving raw materials and reducing the depreciation value and processing time required.

Featured Panel Presentation

What Additive Manufacturing/3-D Printing Means for the Metal Fabrication Industry

Additive Manufacturing is experiencing change and growth, but how can this explosion benefit your operation?


This panel of experts will face the difficult questions that will accurately identify where the technology is and where it is going. Learn from experience what the new challenges will be for users and suppliers. What strategies should be applied when investing in these technologies? Gain insight on how manufacturing will change as a result of these processes.



debbie holton fabtech canadaDebbie Holton, SME, Director, North American Events and Industry Strategy

Debbie Holton joined SME in 1990 and currently serves as the director of events and industry strategy for SME. In her role she leads the team responsible for 20 manufacturing tradeshows and conferences, including industry leaders like FABTECH, RAPID and EASTEC. SME events connect manufacturers with leading technologies and applications and advance business relationships. Holton collaborates with major manufacturers, suppliers and industry organizations to identify key manufacturing challenges and convene the vast SME network of members and technical experts to develop potential solutions. From 2012 to 2013, Holton served as acting deputy director of technology transition for the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (now America Makes). Holton is on the executive committee for America Makes, as well as a member of the National Defense Industries Association and SAE.


mark kirby fabtech canadaMark Kirby, P.Eng. Additive Manufacturing Business Manager

After graduating from MIT in Aero/Astro Engineering, Mark joined Rolls Royce working on the HOTOL space shuttle, before moving to join his Father’s company, Jet Blades. Mark worked his way through the company from CAD/CAM programmer to Managing Director, responsible for managing a design and production team engaged in producing high technology components for a global customer base. In 2007 Mark emigrated to Canada with his family. As a professional engineer Mark provided practical hands-on advice for companies in the Maritimes seeking to apply new technology. Mark also taught Engineering at the University of New Brunswick before joining Renishaw as Business Manager for Additive Manufacturing in September 2013. He has a Diploma in University Teaching and an MBA from Warwick University.

Mihaela Vasea fabtech canadaDr. Mihaela Vasea, Assistant Professor Waterloo University

Mihaela Vlasea is a new faculty member at the University of Waterloo. She has over eight years of professional and academic experience in designing and building complex mechatronic systems for additive manufacturing applications.  She has helped developed a new powder bed binder-jet system capable of fabricating products ranging from bone and dental implants, to lightweight porous materials for aerospace uses for University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, as well as a laser powder-bed fusion system for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland. One of the most exciting projects that she is currently involved with is a collaborative venture with researchers, pathologists and orthopaedic surgeons from Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo in manufacturing of bone substitute implants that can be seeded with live cells, and post-implantation, are replaced with the patients’ own tissue.

Greg Groth fabtech canadaGreg Groth, Exact Metrology Inc.

Greg Groth is the Services Manager out of the Brookfield, WI office of Exact Metrology Inc, a 3D scanning service provide and hardware/software distributor for an extensive product line.  He specializes in reverse engineering and 3D dimensional analysis. Mr. Groth has been involved in the scanning services field since 1999. Through his years of experience he has had the opportunity to use virtually every kind of scanner on the market.  From hand held, CT Scanners (3D X-Ray) and terrestrial scanners, Greg has applied all these technologies to virtually anything a customer wants to capture.  In addition to his vast hardware experience, Greg has also worked with the major several software concerns to perfect the data acquisition and manipulation necessary to inspect or reverse engineer.

vesna cota fabtech canadaVesna Cota, Additive Manufacturing Design & Development Specialist, Tyco Electronics Canada

Vesna Cota is an additive manufacturing design and development specialist for Tyco Electronics Canada. Cota launched her personal endeavor of teaching additive manufacturing technologies as a feature speaker at NRC-IRAP in the industrial design and technology forum in 1998, and continued sharing through speaking, writing, presentations and workshops. She has taught additive manufacturing courses for the Magna Inc. Management Training Program and the Industrial Research Development Institute Product Development Program, among others. Cota is passionate about propagating the awareness of additive manufacturing technologies and their proper applications. As an executive officer of Toronto Chapter 26, she organized a year-long additive manufacturing program in 1998-99, for which SME honored her with its President’s Award. In 2005, Cota became an SME master-level Additive Manufacturing Certificate holder. She received her degree in architecture from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has been an RTAM member since 1995.

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